About Us

The College of Law and Management Studies Teaching and Learning Unit implements teaching and learning initiatives and conducts teaching-related research among staff and students in all the Schools of the College: the Graduate School of Business and Leadership; the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance; the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance; and the School of Law. The Unit contributes to the Commerce related degree programmes through a range of student-focused programmes and activities that are concerned with assisting students in making the transition from school learning to more independent and critical approaches at university. These aspects are dealt with specifically in students’ first year of study as part of the Foundation Programme and the First Year Experience Programme to enable them to continue these practices throughout their undergraduate years and beyond.


  • To actively engage in enhancing teaching and learning for both staff and students in the College of Law and Management Studies.


  • To support the holistic development of students in a stimulating, challenging and nurturing academic environment.
  • To foster in students a culture of being responsible for their own learning.
  • To enhance the teaching practices of academics for the benefit of student progress, student retention and graduate output.