Registration Information 2024

First Year Experience

Welcome, Siyanamukela, to all our First-Year Students

As your journey as a high school learner ends, the great transition of becoming a university student begins – right here – at UKZN’s College of Law and Management Studies (CLMS). From registration to orientation and ultimately graduation, studying at UKZN is a learning experience that takes place in and outside the lecture venue. We are here to get you ready for it.

Being a fresher is not only a vibe but a whole lifestyle! So, pause, take a moment and take it all in! Okay, let’s get started with making sure that your registration is completed.

If for any reason you are struggling getting registered, then don’t stress! Refer to our registration self-help registration guide here or reach out to any of the College contact details listed here and we would be happy to help.

Now that registration is sorted, let’s move on to our First-Year Experience (FYE) Orientation. You are fresh @UKZN and everything is brand new.

Adjusting to change is an exciting and overwhelming experience, that is why ensuring that you have all the tools and support you need to succeed is our priority!

Through various initiatives, the Teaching and Learning Unit, working together with the Student Support Services, provides you with the necessary support to help navigate the demands of university life. For more details, explore the FYE initiative here and also check out our Surviving First-Year Guide here.

Le First-Year Experience eyakho, and it will be what YOU make it! Our part as your College of Choice is to walk this journey with you from now until you walk down the graduation stage-and beyond as a proud UKZN Alumni.

All the best to our freshers for 2024.

Go for it!

The College of Law and Management Studies Orientation Team

What to look forward to

Peer Wellness Mentoring

Peer Wellness Mentoring

Kuninigi, Issa A lot! And we know it can be overwhelming. That is why our Peer Wellness Mentors aka “Big Sisters and Big Brothers” are here to hold your hand as you navigate your first-year experience.

Peer Academic Mentor

Peer Academic Mentor

They don’t call adjusting from high school to university life the great transition for nothing. That’s why our top students known as Peer Academic Mentors are available to share their tips and recipes for success.

First-Year Experience Course Seminars

First-Year Experience Course Seminars

As a #UKZNFresher there is a lot to learn and keep up with. That is why our yearlong First-Year Experience seminars will give you all the deets in bite sizes. So, get ready to take note and attend our facilitator-led sessions accessible to registered students through Moodle.

Academic Curriculum Advice

Academic and Curriculum Advice

Academic and Curriculum support is all about making sure you're on track and ready to kickstart your first-year. Information on how to get this done is covered during the First-Year Experience Orientation.

Find Your Way Around Campus

We know that as a person who is Fresh on Campus can be confusing, follow the map here to avoid getting lost.

Virtual Tour

Take a 360-degree virtual tour of your campus here.

Campus Maps

The best way to get to know your campus is to walk around to take in your new surroundings.

Pre-Registration Guide

Accepted your offer and ready to officially be a UKZN student? Then follow these easy steps and get registered.

Step 1

Zoom basics

Step 2

Online registration portal

Step 3

The College Handbook

Step 4

Note that every student must attend the curriculum advice sessions run by their respective schools in order to register.

Zoom basics

The College Handbook

All the Colleges at UKZN have a Handbook that is revised and updated every year. The College Handbook includes the vision and mission statement of each College, the rules of the College and a full list of academic staff.

The Handbooks are important documents that have all the academic information you need to know from admission to graduation. It includes all the General Rules of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and important UKZN polices such as the Transformation Charter, the Academic Monitoring and Support policy, the Exclusion Policy, and the Sessional Dates. The Handbook publishes the sessional dates for each academic year.

Each College updates and produces its own Handbook every year. In addition to general UKZN information, the Handbooks contain detailed information relating to your College and the degree for which you are registered. This information includes degree structure and detailed module information.

We are here to help you.

Contact information

Dr Annah Bengesai

Head of Unit
Tel No: 031 260 8911 /

Prim Naidoo

Academic Monitoring and Support Coordinator
Tel No: +27 31 260 8734