First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience Programme (FYE) assists students in transitioning from high school to university. It provides them with a strong sense of belonging while empowering and equipping them with the necessary skills required to navigate and be successful in university. This is achieved through a series of activities, such as an extended orientation, workshops, and social activities. 

First-year students are also allocated a mentor, a fellow undergraduate student in the second or third year of study, who helps and supports students through the transition during their first year of university life. Students are made aware of Student Support Services for personal (psycho-social) support and career issues, the Campus Clinic that addresses health concerns and Financial Aid (NSFAS) that addresses financial concerns. 

A proactive attitude and timeous uptake of these services by first years has been linked to enhanced academic performance.

What we offer

Why must I sign up for the First-Year Experience programme?

The FYE programme will support you in making a smooth transition to university life, equip you with skills needed to succeed, and link you with an experienced student who acts as a mentor.

Pre-Registration Guide

Now that you have paid your acceptance fee, you will need to register as a UKZN student. In order to do that, you will have to undergo pre-registration orientation which will include.

Step 1

Zoom basics

Step 2

Online registration portal

Step 3

The College Handbook

Step 4

Curriculum Advice

Note that every student must attend the curriculum advice sessions run by their respective schools in order to register.

The College Handbook

All the Colleges at UKZN have a Handbook that is revised and updated every year. The College Handbook includes the vision and mission statement of each College, the rules of the College and a full list of academic staff.

The Handbooks are important documents that have all the academic information you need to know from admission to graduation. It includes all the General Rules of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and important UKZN polices such as the Transformation Charter, the Academic Monitoring and Support policy, the Exclusion Policy, and the Sessional Dates. The Handbook publishes the sessional dates for each academic year.

Each College updates and produces its own Handbook every year. In addition to general UKZN information, the Handbooks contain detailed information relating to your College and the degree for which you are registered. This information includes degree structure and detailed module information.

We are here to help you.

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Academic Monitoring and Support Coordinator
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