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First Year Experience

Welcome to the College of Law and management studies

Congratulations on your recent Matric results, your hard work has paid off. We wish to welcome you to the UKZN College of Law and Management community. We pride ourselves in inspiring greatness in all our students, and now you are one of us. The University runs the First Year Experience Programme (FYE) to help you focus on your future career by making the transition as seamless as possible. You will be assigned a ‘mentor’- a senior student, who will act as your big brother or sister. They will support and assist you with the transition to UKZN campus life. The year-long programme features an Orientation week/month and covers academic skills, psycho-social issues, financial literacy and IT. We encourage you to engage with the First Year Experience program and your mentor as this will make the transition smoother, more memorable and exciting. UKZN is committed to supporting you in any way that we can for you to reach your full potential, and achieve academic excellence thereby paving the way for your future career. Shape your future today and embark on the exciting transition from high school to university life. Make this experience one to remember!

What we offer

Peer Wellness Mentoring

Peer Wellness Mentoring

Peer Academic Mentor

Peer Academic Mentor

First-Year Experience Course Seminars

First-Year Experience Course Seminars

Peer Wellness Mentoring

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Pre-Registration Guide

Now that you have paid your acceptance fee, you will need to register as a UKZN student. In order to do that, you will have to undergo pre-registration orientation which will include.

Step 1

Zoom basics

Step 2

Online registration portal

Step 3

The College Handbook

Step 4

Curriculum Advice

Note that every student must attend the curriculum advice sessions run by their respective schools in order to register.

The College Handbook

All the Colleges at UKZN have a Handbook that is revised and updated every year. The College Handbook includes the vision and mission statement of each College, the rules of the College and a full list of academic staff.

The Handbooks are important documents that have all the academic information you need to know from admission to graduation. It includes all the General Rules of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and important UKZN polices such as the Transformation Charter, the Academic Monitoring and Support policy, the Exclusion Policy, and the Sessional Dates. The Handbook publishes the sessional dates for each academic year.

Each College updates and produces its own Handbook every year. In addition to general UKZN information, the Handbooks contain detailed information relating to your College and the degree for which you are registered. This information includes degree structure and detailed module information.

We are here to help you.

Contact information

Dr Annah Bengesai

Head of Unit
Tel No: 031 260 8911 /

Prim Naidoo

Academic Monitoring and Support Coordinator
Tel No: +27 31 260 8734