Clubs and Societies


Enactus UKZN boasts a membership of 145 students from across four UKZN campuses, namely Westville, Pietermaritzburg, Howard and Edgewood. The club, which has representation in 37 countries around the world, is dedicated to developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators, and represents South Africa in national and global competitions.


The Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa, popularly known as ABASA, is a student society with a mission to advance the interests of black (African, Indian and Coloured) students in the study of accounting and its pursuit as a profession.

Black Lawyers Association Student Chapter

The Association aims to empower fresh minds in the legal field with the extensive knowledge that will help to empower them in the future through a series of educational activities during the course of the year. To learn more about the Black Lawyers Association Student Chapter

African Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA)

This student chapter aims to carry out the vision of accelerating the advancement of qualified and aspiring African Women CAs. To learn more about AWCA

UKZN Finance Society

UKZN’s Finance Society is a student organisation that aims to link what students learn in class to industry with a particular emphasis on innovation.

The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP)

The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) seeks to bridge the gap between Student Development with seasoned professionals through providing young professionals with the platform to learn both technical and non-technical skills that will assist them to succeed in their professional career.

Supply Chain Student Association (SCSA)

The Association hosts seminars and site visits where students get to interact with industry experts to broaden their knowledge and outlook on how supply chain practices are applied in practice. To learn more about the Supply Chain Student Association

Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ)

The SLSJ is an organisation formed in partnership with students from various universities in South Africa dedicated to protecting human rights, preventing discrimination, and promoting social justice and the rule of law, with the aim of transforming legal education. To learn more about the Students for Law and Social Justice

Business Women’s Association Student Chapter (BWASC) UKZN

The Student Chapter is committed to supporting the growth and development of all young women at tertiary institutions, and to build leaders who will advocate for the rights of all young women through skills development programmes, mentorship and leadership programmes.

Muslim Students’ Association

The Association is a united body of Muslim that hosts an array of activities including feeding schemes and fundraisers that is determined to make a difference in communities and societies. To learn more about the Muslim Students’ Association

Run UKZN Movement

The social club’s vision is to create a giving and caring student community. To learn more about the Run UKZN Movement

United Nations Children’s Fund UKZN

It is an international children’s advocacy organisation that provides relief to children who were forced to migrated due to war and are now displaced. Apart from that, UNICEF strives to create activism and awareness on child advocacy and children’s rights on campus. To learn more about the United Nations Children’s Fund UKZN

Association of Muslims Accountants and Lawyers – Student Chapter (AMAL-SC)

AMAL-SC is a non-exclusive, multiracial and dynamic student body that seeks to enable legal as well as Accounting students to further their career paths by empowering them and facilitating access to vacation work, community service, articles and seminars, among other benefits.

UKZN Association for Tertiary Zion Students (ATEZS)

The group made up of about 70 UKZN students was founded in 2001 with the aim of uniting all Zion Christian students at tertiary level. The organisation has now expanded to other institutions all over KwaZulu-Natal, Pretoria, the Free State and the Eastern Cape. To learn more about ATEZS

One Life on Campus

One LifeCampus is a ministry at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Hosted by One Life Church.

Black Management Forum

The objectives of the Student Chapter is to prepare and equip students at institutions of higher learning with managerial leadership and business skills that will prepare them to respond to the challenges of the corporate world, labour market and the society at large effectively and productively. The basic philosophical belief of the Student Chapter is that before we are students, we are members of our immediate communities.