Welcome Message Dean Teaching & Learning

Dear First-Year Students,

Congratulations on being admitted to the College of Law and Management Studies!

I know some of you might be having different emotions and asking yourselves whether you made the right choice. As the Dean of Teaching and Learning, I would like to assure you that you have made an excellent choice to pursue your undergraduate studies in our College. Here, you will find an incredible and supportive community that nurtures your growth and unlock your true potential.
The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for higher education; however, it has also provided us with opportunities to rethink our teaching practices. To avoid loss of learning, face to face lectures have been replaced by online learning. However, this has not affected the quality of our teaching, as our dedicated team of academics has been working to develop innovative and cutting-edge methods to provide you with flexible and rich learning opportunities. You can rest assured that no student will be left behind.
It is undeniable that the first year will also bring with it a number of challenges associated with university life. However, our Teaching and Learning Unit will ensure that your transition from high school to university is a seamless one, filled with growth and most importantly, with academic success. To this end, we have put together a number of programmes to assist you in navigating these transitions. These include:

  • Academic Support Programme – which supports you with both academic counselling support.
  • The First-Year experience which deals with transition challenges.
  • The Writing place which will assist you with academic writing.

You will find detailed information on these services in this guide. I urge all of you to take advantages of these services.