Welcome Message DVC

Welcome to the College of Law and Management Studies! Our College prides itself on offering a supportive and student-centred learning environment at the 3 campuses where our modules are offered: Howard College, Westville Campus and Pietermaritzburg Campus. The College consists of about 300 dedicated academic and supportive administrative staff and approximately 11 000 committed students. Our academics and professional services staff mission is to facilitate the academic and social growth of all students in our care.
The College consists of four Schools, namely:

  • Graduate School of Business and Leadership
  • School of Accounting, Economics & Finance
  • School of Law
  • School of Management, Information Technology & Governance

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College, I am supported by six Deans, four from the Schools as well as a College Dean of Teaching and Learning and a College Dean of Research, while administrative support is provided by the College Director of Professional Services, who has the function and role of a College Registrar.

Our College offers a wide spectrum of qualifications including Bachelors, Honours, Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters (coursework and full research) and Doctorates. Due to the nature of its programmes and disciplines, the College produces students who join highly specialised professions such as legal practice, accountancy, marketing, financial management, human resources and public administration. As a result, the College has influential alumni and strong professional links. Consequently, our students are highly marketable and widely sought after.

Our commitment to transformation is core, hence it is our aim to continue to attract students from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. It is also our aim to provide appropriate and relevant programmes that will enable our students to grow intellectually during their stay at this University. We shall also continue to endeavour to attract academics of a high standard to add to the existing staff complement, many of whom are eminent and respected scholars in their fields of specialisation. This Orientation Guide provides you with vital information about the support and services offered in the College, and also includes information to help you with the skills that you will need to succeed in your studies.
I wish you every success in your studies at UKZN.